👋🏻 I’m Arun Wadhwa. I’m a 4th Year Medical Student, currently living in Nanjing, 🇨🇳. I was born, and raised in New Delhi, 🇮🇳. I love to code (Front-End Developer,  Pro), write, travel, and eat (I’m always up for a Quattro Formaggi - Hit me up if you know a nice place in the city) - I know it doesn’t show and yes my Thyroxine levels are just fine! I have a keen interest in 🧠 and I’m actively following Parkinson’s research. I mostly listen to Indie Music, sub-genre(s) include: Singer/Songwriter, Folk.

About the blog

This blog is about everything I love. It’s a way for me to get my words out - somewhere on the world wide web - for my thoughts to find an escape. In short - it’s a peep into my brain. But that’s what it is - a peep, a glance, and nothing more. It’s about the latest in the world of tech - and my thoughts on the same, it’s about life of a medical student, it’s about the poems I compose. In short, it’s about me.